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Our company specializes in professional CNC machining of metals and plastics, machining of castings, as well as manufacturing sub-assemblies for companies in various industries. With the help of modern machines, qualified team of operators and professional software, we are able to carry out even the most demanding projects.

The CNC machining is extremely popular due to the highest quality, precision, and a quick realization of the task. Ordered services are performed on the basis of documentation received and the project made by us at the customer’s request.

The CNC machining of metals and plastics includes:

  • Carbon steel
  • Construction steel
  • Heat treatable steel
  • Special steels:
    • Pure Iron
    • stainless steel;
    • acid resistant steel
  • Nonferrous metals: brass, copper, bronze
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Plastics: POM, PEEK, PTFE, PA, PE.

CNC milling

The CNC milling method is used in the serial processing of metals and plastics. It consists in separating a layer of plastic or metal from the object being machined by means of a specially programmed machine equipped with a Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) controller.


CNC turning

The CNC turning is a combination of rotary motion of the machined part and linear motion of the cutting tool. Changing the diameter of turned part is possible thanks to the movement along its axis, performed by a cutting tool appropriately selected by the operator.


Additional services

The machining process on our CNC machines also includes semi-finished products such as aluminium and iron castings or forgings. Our company provides sub-assemblies and spare parts for many industry sectors.


Machining for many industries


The extensive experience of our operators, the most modern machines and advanced technology allow us to carry out non-standard orders.


Our specialty is serial production of parts for the automotive industry.

Production lines

We produce not only parts for machines and production lines equipment, but also spare and replacement parts.

Construction machines

We make spare parts from construction materials, which are characterized by very high strength, e.g., for construction machines, excavators, backhoe loaders, basket lifts or pallet trucks.


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