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Computer-controlled lathe increases the precision of manufactured parts. It is also possible to manufacture very complex shapes. The CNC turning process consists in machining of external and internal surfaces. External turning consists of removing material from the external surface of machined part. In this case we can distinguish longitudinal turning, face turning, and profile machining. Internal turning (marking) is performed with a tool of a cross-section appropriately matched to the marked hole. With the help of coolant fed through the shank of cutting tool, chips and contaminants are washed out of the machining zone. The CNC turning can also cut off material, as well as external and internal grooving. Using monolithic tools and tools with replaceable blades it is possible to turn threads.

The CNC turning is a combination of rotary motion of the machined part and linear motion of the cutting tool. Changing the diameter of turned part is possible thanks to the movement along its axis, performed by a cutting tool appropriately selected by the operator. Movement perpendicular to the axis of rotation allows for a change in length of machined part. While the tool movement in both directions allows to obtain shapes such as barrels or cones.






















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